Identifies the UI_PKEY_FontProperties_Size property.

   name = UI_PKEY_FontProperties_Size
   shellPKey = UI_PKEY_FontProperties_Size
   formatID = 00000302-7363-696e-8441798acf5aebb7
   propID = 302
      type = VT_DECIMAL


UI_PKEY_FontProperties_Size is used by an application to query the value of the Font size control.

Valid values for this property range from 1 to 9999, inclusive. If a user tries to enter an invalid value, the entry is rejected and the Font size control reverts to the last valid value.

If an application attempts to set font size programmatically to a value outside the valid range, the Ribbon framework invalidates all font properties and sets the font controls (Font size and Font face) to blank or to their default state, where appropriate.

The default value is 0.

A value of 0 specifies that no single point size is selected (either no text, or a run of heterogeneously sized text, is selected).

A user cannot set the Font size control to 0.

Other than 0, valid values for UI_PKEY_FontProperties_Size range between MinimumFontSize and MaximumFontSize as declared in the Font Control markup.


The Font size control is set to blank when the font size is programmatically set to 0, such as when a run of heterogeneously sized text is highlighted.


Where a run of heterogeneously sized text is selected, the application should query UI_PKEY_FontProperties_DeltaSize to capture Grow font and Shrink font commands.

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