Client Shell API Structures and Definitions

The following table provides an overview of the structures and other definitions for the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) Client Shell API.

Function Description
WSMAN_SHELL_COMPLETION_FUNCTION The callback function that is called for shell operations, which result in a remote request.


Structure Description
WSMAN_AUTHENTICATION_CREDENTIALS Defines the authentication method and the credentials used for server or proxy authentication.
WSMAN_DATA Stores inbound and outbound data used in the WinRM API.
WSMAN_DATA_BINARY Stores binary data for use with various WinRM API functions.
WSMAN_DATA_TEXT Stores text-based data for use with various WinRM API functions.
WSMAN_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE Defines an individual environment variable by using a name and value pair.
WSMAN_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE_SET Defines an array of environment variables.
WSMAN_ERROR Contains error information.
WSMAN_KEY Represents a key and value pair within a selector set, and is used to identify a particular resource.
WSMAN_OPTION Represents a specific option name and value pair.
WSMAN_OPTION_SET Represents a set of options.
WSMAN_PROXY_INFO Sets the proxy information for each session.
WSMAN_RECEIVE_DATA_RESULT Represents the output data received from the WSManReceiveShellOutput API.
WSMAN_RESPONSE_DATA Represents the output data received from a WSMan operation.
WSMAN_SELECTOR_SET Defines a set of keys that represent the identity of a resource.
WSMAN_SHELL_ASYNC Defines an asynchronous structure that is passed to all shell operations.
WSMAN_SHELL_STARTUP_INFO Stores all of the shell-specific data that is needed to create a shell using the WSManCreateShell plug-in call.
WSMAN_STREAM_ID_SET Lists all the streams that are used for either input or output for the shell and commands.
WSMAN_USERNAME_PASSWORD_CREDS Defines the credentials used for authentication.