Enumeration Types

The Windows Media Format SDK implements the following enumeration types.

Enumeration type Description
DRM_HTTP_STATUS Defines a range of states for a DRM request.
DRM_LICENSE_STATE_CATEGORY Defines the categories for DRM license strings.
DRM_INDIVIDUALIZATION_STATUS Defines the valid states for DRM individualization.
NETSOURCE_URLCREDPOLICY_SETTINGS Defines possible security policy settings that can exist on a client computer.
WM_AETYPE Specifies the permissions for an entry in an IP address access list.
WMT_ATTR_DATATYPE Defines a range of basic data types. These values are used to identify the type of data returned by various methods in this SDK.
WMT_ATTR_IMAGETYPE Defines a range of image types that can be stored in an ASF file header.
WMT_CODEC_INFO_TYPE Defines a range of data sizes used by a codec.
WMT_CREDENTIAL_FLAGS Defines the flags that can be used when acquiring credentials.
WMT_DRMLA_TRUST Defines the trust state of a DRM license acquisition URL.
WMT_FILESINK_MODE Defines the types of input accepted by the file sink.
WMT_IMAGE_TYPE Defines the possible image types used for banner ads.
WMT_INDEX_TYPE Defines the object with which a time-based index can be associated.
WMT_INDEXER_TYPE Defines the types of indexing supported by the indexer.
WMT_NET_PROTOCOL Defines the types of protocols that the network sink supports.
WMT_MUSICSPEECH_CLASS_MODE Defines the compression modes available to the Windows Media Audio 9 Voice codec.
WMT_OFFSET_FORMAT Defines the types of offsets used in this SDK.
WMT_PLAY_MODE Defines the playback options of the reader.
WMT_PROXY_SETTINGS Defines the network proxy settings for use with a reader object.
WMT_RIGHTS Defines the rights that may be specified in a DRM license.
WMT_STATUS Defines a range of status flags.
WMT_STORAGE_FORMAT Defines the file types that can be manipulated with this SDK.
WMT_STREAM_SELECTION Defines the status of a stream.
WMT_TRANSPORT_TYPE Defines the transport types supported by this SDK.
WMT_VERSION Defines the version numbers of the Windows Media Format SDK.
WMT_WATERMARK_ENTRY_TYPE Defines the types of supported watermarks.


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