IWMDRMLicenseManagement interface

The IWMDRMLicenseManagement interface provides methods that perform general operations related to the local license store.

To obtain an instance of this interface, call IWMDRMProvider::CreateObject. Pass IID_IWMDRMLicenseManagement as the riid parameter.


The IWMDRMLicenseManagement interface inherits from IWMDRMEventGenerator. IWMDRMLicenseManagement also has these types of members:


The IWMDRMLicenseManagement interface has these methods.

Method Description
AcquireLicense Asynchronously acquires a license from a specified URL.
BackupLicenses Creates a backup of the licenses in the local license store.
CleanLicenseStore Removes marked licenses from the license store and defragments the store to improve performance.
CreateLicenseEnumeration Creates a license enumerator object populated with license information based on parameter values.
CreateLicenseRevocationChallenge Generates a license revocation challenge.
DeleteLicense Deletes a license from the temporary local license store.
MonitorLicenseAcquisition Initiates monitoring for a license acquisition process.
ProcessLicenseDeletionMessage Deletes a license that was imported for content originally protected with another content protection system.
ProcessLicenseRevocationResponse Revokes licenses from the local license store.
RestoreLicenses Restores previously backed up licenses.
StoreLicense Adds a license to the local license store.

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