Basic Algorithm Counter Types

Basic algorithm counter types generally represent differences between samples over time, and often use a base value for the calculation. For example, the PercentFreeSpace property of the Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfDisk_PhysicalDisk class represents the ratio of the free space available on the physical disk unit to the total usable space provided by the selected physical disk drive. This class also contains the base value, PercentFreeSpace_Base. The percentage of free disk space is obtained by dividing PercentFreeSpace by PercentFreeSpace_Base and multiplying by 100%.

The basic algorithms in the following table are provided.

CounterType Constant Description
PERF_RAW_FRACTIONDecimal 537003008
Ratio of a subset to its set as a percentage. This counter type displays the current percentage only, not an average over time.
Average ratio of hits to all operations during the last two sample intervals. This counter type requires a base property with the PERF_SAMPLE_BASE counter type.
This counter type shows the change in the measured attribute between the two most recent sample intervals.
Same as PERF_COUNTER_DELTA but a 64-bit representation for larger values.
PERF_ELAPSED_TIMEDecimal 807666944
Total time between when the process started and the time when this value is calculated.

WMI Performance Counter Types