Parsing OutParameters Objects

A SWbemMethod.OutParameters object is created and supplied with data by the provider method that is executing. Properties of the OutParameters object are specific to the method called. For example, in the script below, SD (contained in outParam) is the output parameter defined for the __SystemSecurity.GetSD method. The ReturnValue property is a generic property available for all OutParameters objects which contain the result of the operation.

The following code example illustrates obtaining output parameters from executing the GetSD method in class __SystemSecurity for the local system.

' Connect to WMI root\cimv2 namespace.
Set svc = GetObject("winmgmts:root/cimv2")
' Execute the GetSD method and obtain the output parameters.
set outParam = svc.Execmethod("__SystemSecurity=@", "GetSD")
wscript.echo outparam.ReturnValue
' Format the security descriptor array
' in the SD parameter into one string to display.
objSD  = Join(outparam.SD,",")
wscript.echo objSD
' Release the out parameters object.
set outParam = nothing

For more information, see SWbemMethod.InParameters.