Complete Code for Simple Skin

Here is the complete code for the first sample skin:

        clippingColor = "#CCCC00"
        backgroundImage = "background.bmp"
        titleBar = "false">
            mappingImage = "map.bmp"
            hoverImage = "hover.bmp"> 
            mappingColor = "#00FF00"
            upToolTip = "Play"
            onClick="JScript: player.URL='';" />
            mappingColor = "#FF0000"
            upToolTip = "Close"
            onClick = "JScript: view.close(); " />

Now you have all the pieces put together.

Create a compressed file with a .zip file name extension. This compressed file contains your skin definition file, bitmaps, and any digital media files you want to include. Rename the file so that it has a .wmz file name extension. Then double-clicking your compressed skin will start it playing.

You can see a similar working simple skin in the samples section of the SDK.

Creating the Skin Definition File