Enumerations for Type 1 Online Stores


This section describes functionality designed for use by online stores. Use of this functionality outside the context of an online store is not supported.


The following enumeration types are available for type 1 online stores using C++ code.

Enumeration Description
WMPAccountType Enumeration that defines account types for an online store.
WMPCallbackNotification Enumeration that defines states for use by the IWMPContentPartnerCallback::Notify callback function.
WMPPartnerNotification Enumeration that defines operational states of an online store.
WMPStreamingType Enumeration that specifies the type of streaming media.
WMPTaskType Enumeration that represents Windows Media Player task panes.
WMPTemplateSize Enumeration that represents HTML template sizes.
WMPTransactionType Enumeration that represents a transaction type.


Reference for Type 1 Online Stores