Interfaces for Visual Basic .NET and C#

This section documents the interfaces exposed by the Windows Media Player ActiveX control.

Several properties and methods of the AxWindowsMediaPlayer Object are used to retrieve specific interfaces. These interfaces, in turn, may have properties and accessor methods for retrieving further interfaces.

The Windows Media Player control exposes the following interfaces.

Interface Description
IWMPCdrom Accesses a CD or DVD in a drive.
IWMPCdromBurn Provides properties and methods to manage creating audio CDs.
IWMPCdromCollection Accesses a collection of CD or DVD drives.
IWMPCdromRip Provides properties and methods to manage copying, or ripping, tracks from an audio CD.
IWMPClosedCaption Provides a way to include captions with a digital media file.
IWMPClosedCaption2 Provides additional closed-captioning properties and methods.
IWMPControls Represents the transport controls of Windows Media Player, such as Play, Stop, and Pause.
IWMPControls2 Provides an additional control method to freeze playback on the next or previous frame.
IWMPControls3 Provides additional control properties and methods for audio language selection and support.
IWMPDVD Provides properties and methods for working with DVDs.
IWMPError Accesses a collection of IWMPErrorItem interfaces for retrieving error information.
IWMPErrorItem Provides access to error information.
IWMPErrorItem2 Provides an additional error item property for getting an error condition code.
IWMPFolderMonitorServices Not supported for .NET programming.
IWMPLibrary Represents a library.
IWMPLibraryServices Provides methods to enumerate libraries.
IWMPLibrarySharingServices Not supported for .NET programming.
IWMPMedia Provides a way to set and retrieve the properties of a media item.
IWMPMedia2 Provides access to an additional media item property.
IWMPMedia3 Provides additional methods to access the properties of a media item.
IWMPMediaCollection Provides methods that can be used to organize a large collection of media items.
IWMPMediaCollection2 Provides methods that supplement the IWMPMediaCollection interface.
IWMPMetadataPicture Provides properties for getting information about the image contained in a digital media file that is represented by a WM/Picture metadata attribute.
IWMPMetadataText Provides properties for getting information about complex textual metadata attributes.
IWMPNetwork Provides properties and methods to access statistics relating to the quality of a network connection, and to specify and retrieve the network proxy settings.
IWMPPlayerApplication Not supported for .NET programming.
IWMPPlayerServices Not supported for .NET programming.
IWMPPlayerServices2 Not supported for .NET programming.
IWMPPlaylist Provides properties and methods to organize, manage, and manipulate media items in a playlist.
IWMPPlaylistArray Accesses a collection of IWMPPlaylist interfaces by index number.
IWMPPlaylistCollection Provides methods for manipulating IWMPPlaylist and IWMPPlaylistArray interfaces in a collection.
IWMPQuery Represents a compound query.
IWMPSettings Provides properties and methods that get or set the values of Windows Media Player settings.
IWMPSettings2 Provides properties and a method that supplement the IWMPSettings interface.
IWMPStringCollection Provides a property and a method for accessing a collection of strings by index number.
IWMPStringCollection2 Provides methods that supplement the IWMPStringCollection interface.
IWMPSyncDevice Not supported for .NET programming.
IWMPSyncDevice2 Not supported for .NET programming.
IWMPSyncServices Not supported for .NET programming.


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