Media.isReadOnlyItem method

The isReadOnlyItem method returns a value indicating whether the specified attribute of the media item can be edited.


bRetVal = Media.isReadOnlyItem(


attribute [in]

String indicating the name of the attribute to test. For information about the attributes supported by Windows Media Player, see the Windows Media Player Attribute Reference..

Return value

This method returns a Boolean.


If an attribute is read-only, then it cannot be set with the setItemInfo method. Note that this method may return different values for a particular attribute when used with different versions of Windows Media Player.

To use this method, read access to the library is required. For more information, see Library Access.

Windows Media Player 10 Mobile: This property always returns true.


The following JScript example uses Media.isReadOnlyItem to fill an HTML TEXTAREA element named rwText with information about the current media item. The code outputs each attribute of the current media item, along with text indicating whether the attribute is read-only or read/write. The Player object was created with ID = "Player".

// Store the current media item object.
var cm = Player.currentMedia;

// Create a variable to hold each attribute name.
var atName;

// Loop through the attribute list.
for(var i = 0; i < cm.attributeCount; i++){

   // Get the attribute name.
   atName = cm.getAttributeName(i);

   // Test whether the attribute is read-only.
   var test = ((cm.isReadOnlyItem(atName))?"Read-Only":"Read/Write");

// Print the attribute information to the text area.
   rwText.value += atName + " is " + test;
   rwText.value += "\n";


Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later.

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