Object Model Migration Guide

Windows Media Player 7 introduced a new object model that offers a rich new set of functionality that you can use to enhance your webpages. Subsequent versions have extended the version 7 object model with additional properties, methods, and events. However, the new object model differs substantially from the Windows Media Player 6.4 object model, so you need to understand how to update your existing code if you want to support Windows Media Player 7 and later in your projects.

For a sample that demonstrates how to detect the user's Windows Media Player version and current browser, see the sample named "detection" that is installed with this SDK. For more information about samples, see Samples.

This guide refers to the new object model as the Windows Media Player 7 or later object model. For details about which functionality is available in each version of Windows Media Player, see Object Model Reference for Scripting.

These object model issues are covered by the following topics:

Player Control Guide