Retrieving Information About a Network Resource

To identify the network provider that owns a resource, an application can call the WNetGetResourceInformation function, as illustrated in the following code sample.

The following sample is a function (CheckServer) that takes a server name as a parameter and returns information about that server. First the function calls the ZeroMemory function to initialize the contents of a block of memory to zero. Then the sample calls the WNetGetResourceInformation function, specifying a buffer large enough to hold only a NETRESOURCE structure. The routine includes error processing to handle the case when a buffer of this size is insufficient to hold the variable-length strings to which members of the NETRESOURCE structure point. If this error occurs, the sample allocates sufficient memory and calls WNetGetResourceInformation again. Finally, the sample frees the allocated memory.

Note that the sample assumes that the pszServer parameter points to a server name that one of the network providers on the local computer recognizes.

#include <Windows.h>
#include <Winnetwk.h >

// Need to link with Mpr.lib
#pragma comment(lib, "Mpr.lib")
// Verify a server on the network. 
CheckServer( LPTSTR pszServer )
    DWORD dwBufferSize = sizeof(NETRESOURCE);
    LPBYTE lpBuffer;                  // buffer
    LPTSTR pszSystem = NULL;          // variable-length strings

    // Set the block of memory to zero; then initialize
    // the NETRESOURCE structure. 
    ZeroMemory(&nr, sizeof(nr));

    nr.dwScope       = RESOURCE_GLOBALNET;
    nr.dwType        = RESOURCETYPE_ANY;
    nr.lpRemoteName  = pszServer;

    // First call the WNetGetResourceInformation function with 
    // memory allocated to hold only a NETRESOURCE structure. This 
    // method can succeed if all the NETRESOURCE pointers are NULL.
    // If the call fails because the buffer is too small, allocate
    // a larger buffer.
    lpBuffer = (LPBYTE) malloc( dwBufferSize );
    if (lpBuffer == NULL) 
        return FALSE;

    while ( WNetGetResourceInformation(&nr, lpBuffer, &dwBufferSize, 
                &pszSystem) == ERROR_MORE_DATA)
        lpBuffer = (LPBYTE) realloc(lpBuffer, dwBufferSize);

    // Process the contents of the NETRESOURCE structure and the
    // variable-length strings in lpBuffer and set dwValue. When
    // finished, free the memory.


    return TRUE;