Specifies the whole file behind the object. It is also a way of referring to any resource type, including those not covered by other Windows Portable Devices resource types, such as a custom object type.

Any resources embedded within the specified resource will be included. For example, the default resource of a root folder of contacts may include all the nested contacts. However, any child resources that are merely linked by metadata or references are not included. An example of this would be a playlist, which might only link to audio files through metadata references or textual path references in the file.

The only allowed pid value for this PROPERTYKEY is zero.

This type of resource must support the following attributes.

Attribute Name Required or Optional
WPD_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_CAN_READ Required if clients can read this resource.
WPD_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_CAN_WRITE Required if clients can write to this resource.
WPD_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_CAN_DELETE Required if clients can delete this resource.
WPD_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_OPTIMAL_READ_BUFFER_SIZE Required if clients have read access to the resource.
WPD_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_OPTIMAL_WRITE_BUFFER_SIZE Required if clients have write access to the resource.


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