WpdServicesApiSample Application

A device service is an extension of a functional object: In addition to logically grouping device capabilities, a device service provides applications with the ability to programmatically discover those capabilities.

The WpdServicesApiSample sample application is a command-line desktop application that you can use to explore Contacts services on devices attached to your computer. You can explore these services by listing supported: formats, events, methods, and abstract services. You can also use this application retrieve the properties on a given Contact service and to invoke methods supported by that service.

If you don't yet have a device that supports Contacts services, you can still run the WpdServicesApiSample if you first install the WpdServiceSampleDriver that is included in the Windows Driver Kit.

The WpdServicesApiSample sample application includes the following files:

File Description
ContentEnumeration.cpp Contains methods that enumerate the content on a given Contacts service.
ContentProperties.cpp Contains methods that read and write properties on a given Contacts service.
ServiceCapabilities.cpp Contains the methods that retrieve the supported formats, events, and abstract services that are supported by a given Contacts service.
ServiceEnumeration.cpp Contains the helper functions that retrieve device information such as the device-friendly name or the supported Contacts services.
ServiceMethods.cpp Contains the methods that retrieve and invoke methods supported by a given Contacts service.
Stdafx.cpp Includes the standard files.
WpdServiceApiSample.cpp Hosts the _tmain startup function, which calls the local DoMenu function, which displays a list of available devices and tasks and calls the function appropriate for the user's menu selection.