WSD Application Development on Windows

The Microsoft Web Services on Devices API (WSDAPI) supports the implementation of client-controlled devices and services, and device hosts conforming to the Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS). WSDAPI may be used for the development of both client and server (device) implementations.

Quite often, WSDAPI code for these applications is generated using WsdCodeGen. Some WSDAPI functions and methods are intended to be called only by generated code. The API reference documentation indicates when a function or method should be used or implemented only by generated code.

The Windows SDK includes some sample WSDL files, WsdCodeGen configuration files, and generated code. For more information, see WSDAPI Samples.

If you want to enumerate devices using the WSD protocol and query WSD device metadata, you can use the Function Discovery API instead.

If you want to implement a WSD device that does not run Windows, see WSD Device Development.