This section contains information about structures provided by the Microsoft XAudio2 API.

Structure Description
XAUDIO2_BUFFER Represents an audio data buffer.
XAUDIO2_BUFFER_WMA Represents a WMA audio data buffer.
XAUDIO2_DEBUG_CONFIGURATION Sets a new global debug configuration for XAudio2 when used by the SetDebugConfiguration function.
XAUDIO2_EFFECT_CHAIN Defines an effect chain.
XAUDIO2_FILTER_PARAMETERS Defines filter parameters for a source voice.
XAUDIO2_PERFORMANCE_DATA Retrieves performance information.
XAUDIO2_SEND_DESCRIPTOR Describes a voice send destination.
XAUDIO2_VOICE_DETAILS Contains information about the creation flags, input channels, and sample rate of a voice.
XAUDIO2_VOICE_SENDS Defines a set of voices to receive data from a single output voice.
XAUDIO2_VOICE_STATE Returns the voice's current state and cursor position data.
XAUDIO2FX_REVERB_I3DL2_PARAMETERS Describes I3DL2 (Interactive 3D Audio Rendering Guidelines Level 2.0) parameters for use in the ReverbConvertI3DL2ToNative function.
XAUDIO2FX_REVERB_PARAMETERS Describes parameters for use in the reverb APO.
XAUDIO2FX_VOLUMEMETER_LEVELS Describes parameters for use with the volume meter APO.
XAPO_LOCKFORPROCESS_BUFFER_PARAMETERS Defines buffer parameters that remain constant while an XAPO is locked.
XAPO_PROCESS_BUFFER_PARAMETERS Defines buffer parameters that may change from one call to the next.
XAPO_REGISTRATION_PROPERTIES Describes general characteristics of an XAPO.
FXECHO_INITDATA Initialization parameters for use with the FXECHO XAPO.
FXECHO_PARAMETERS Parameters for use with the FXECHO XAPO.
FXEQ_PARAMETERS Parameters for use with the FXEQ XAPO.
FXMASTERINGLIMITER_PARAMETERS Parameters for use with the FXMasteringLimiter XAPO.
FXREVERB_PARAMETERS Parameters for use with the FXReverb XAPO.
X3DAUDIO_CONE Specifies directionality for a single-channel non-LFE emitter by scaling DSP behavior with respect to the emitter's orientation.
X3DAUDIO_DISTANCE_CURVE Defines an explicit piecewise curve made up of linear segments, directly defining DSP behavior with respect to normalized distance.
X3DAUDIO_DISTANCE_CURVE_POINT Defines a DSP setting at a given normalized distance.
X3DAUDIO_DSP_SETTINGS Receives the results from a call to X3DAudioCalculate.
X3DAUDIO_EMITTER Defines a single or multi-point 3D audio source used with an arbitrary number of sound channels.
X3DAUDIO_LISTENER Defines a point of 3D audio reception.


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