VisualInteractionSource.PositionXChainingMode Property


The PositionXChainingMode property defines the chaining behavior for an InteractionSource in the X direction. There are three InteractionChainingMode types:

  • Auto
  • Always
  • Never

When chaining in the X direction is enabled, input will flow to the nearest ancestor's VisualInteractionSource whenever the interaction (such as panning) would otherwise take InteractionTracker ’s position past its minimum or maximum X position.

 property InteractionChainingMode PositionXChainingMode { InteractionChainingMode get(); void set(InteractionChainingMode value); };
InteractionChainingMode PositionXChainingMode();

void PositionXChainingMode(InteractionChainingMode value);
public InteractionChainingMode PositionXChainingMode { get; set; }
Public Property PositionXChainingMode As InteractionChainingMode

Property Value


Chaining mode for the X-axis.


void SetupInteractionSource(ContainerVisual container, InteractionTracker tracker)
  // Setup the Interaction Source
  _interactionSource = VisualInteractionSource.Create(container);
  // Disable chaining on the X component.
  _interactionSource.PositionXChainingMode = InteractionChainingMode.Never; 
  // Attach the VisualInteractionSource to InteractionTracker

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