FrameworkElement.FocusVisualMargin Property


Gets or sets the outer margin of the focus visual for a FrameworkElement.

 property Thickness FocusVisualMargin { Thickness get(); void set(Thickness value); };
Thickness FocusVisualMargin();

void FocusVisualMargin(Thickness value);
public Thickness FocusVisualMargin { get; set; }
Public Property FocusVisualMargin As Thickness

Property Value


Provides margin values for the focus visual. The default is a Thickness with all properties (dimensions) equal to 0. A different runtime default is often provided by individual control templates.


<Button Content="Button"


A negative margin will push the border away from the center of the control, and a positive margin will move the border closer to the center of the control.

Non-integral values for margin values are technically permitted, but should typically be avoided.

HighVisibility and Reveal focus visuals are rendered with an outer (primary) and inner (secondary) border.

For more info, see High Visibility Focus Visuals and Reveal focus.

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