GettingFocusEventArgs.TrySetNewFocusedElement(DependencyObject) Method


Attempts to redirect focus to the specified element instead of the original targeted element.

 virtual bool TrySetNewFocusedElement(DependencyObject ^ element) = TrySetNewFocusedElement;
bool TrySetNewFocusedElement(DependencyObject const& element);
public bool TrySetNewFocusedElement(DependencyObject element);
Public Function TrySetNewFocusedElement (element As DependencyObject) As Boolean



The object on which to set focus.



True, if the focus action is redirected; otherwise, false.


The GotFocus routed event is raised on an element after it receives focus, while the LostFocus routed event is raised on an element after it loses focus.

The GettingFocus and LosingFocus routed events occur before the focus change takes place, which enables your application to modify or cancel the focus change behavior.

GettingFocus and LosingFocus are raised synchronously, while GotFocus and LostFocus are raised asynchronously. For example, if your app calls the Focus method of a control, GettingFocus is raised during the call, but GotFocus is raised after the call completes.

If focus is moved while these events are still bubbling, an exception is thrown.

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