Windows 10 Installation Guide

Install the Windows Subsystem for Linux

Enable the "Windows Subsystem for Linux" optional feature and reboot.

  1. Open PowerShell as Administrator and run:

    Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux
  2. Restart your computer when prompted.

Install your Linux Distribution of Choice

Fall Creators Update and later: Install from the Microsoft Store

This section is for Windows build 16215 or later. Follow these steps to check your build. For earlier versions of Windows 10, follow these instructions using lxrun.

  1. Open the Microsoft Store and choose your favorite Linux distribution.

    View of Linux distros in the Windows store

    Here are links directly to the store installers for each distribution:

  2. From the distro's page, select "Get"

    View of Linux distros in the Windows store

    Troubleshooting: Installation failed with error 0x80070003
    The Windows Subsystem for Linux only runs on your system drive (usually this is your C: drive). Make sure that new apps are stored on your system drive.
    Open Settings -> Storage -> More Storage Settings: Change where new content is saved Picture of system settings to install apps on C: drive

  3. Once the download has completed, select "Launch".
    This will open a console window. Wait for installation to complete then you will be prompted to create your LINUX user account. Ubuntu unpacking in the Windows console

    Troubleshooting: Installation failed with error 0x8007007e
    This error occurs when your system doesn't support Linux from the store. Make sure that:

  4. Create your LINUX username and password. This user account has no relationship to your Windows username and password and hence can be different. Read more.

You're done! Now you can use your Linux environment.

For Anniversary Update and Creators Update: Install using lxrun

lxrun installs Ubuntu user-mode by default on top of the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Since moving to the store, we have stopped keeping this user-mode image up to date. When you're done, run sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade.

  1. Turn on Developer Mode

    Open Settings -> Update and Security -> For developers

    Select the Developer Mode radio button
    Enable developer mode

  2. Open a command prompt. Run bash

    Prompt to install Ubuntu

    After you have accepted the License, the Ubuntu user-mode image will be downloaded and extracted. A "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows" shortcut will be added to your start menu.

  3. Launch a new Ubuntu shell by either:

    • Running bash from a command-prompt
    • Clicking the start menu shortcut
  4. Create a UNIX user

    The first time you install the Windows Subsystem for Linux, you will be prompted to create a UNIX username and password.

    Prompt to add a Linux user

    This UNIX username and password can be different from, and has no relationship to, your Windows username and password. Learn more about your UNIX account..

After installation your Linux distribution will be located at: %localappdata%\lxss\.