Release Notes for Windows Subsystem for Linux kernel

We've added support for WSL 2 distributions, which use a full Linux kernel. This Linux kernel is open source, with its source code available at the WSL2-Linux-Kernel repository. This Linux kernel is delivered to your machine via Microsoft Update, and follows a separate release schedule to the Windows Subsystem for Linux which is delivered as part of the Windows image.

Release Date: 2021/11/02 ( Prerelease 2021/10/05 )

Official Github release link

  • Release rolling-lts/wsl/
  • Update to upstream stable kernel release 5.10.60
  • Enable virtio-pmem with support for PCI BAR-relative addresses
  • Enable vPCI support under Hyper-V for arm64
  • Enable io_uring support
  • Enable USB over IP support
  • Enable paravirtualized spinlock support for x86_64
  • Refresh dxgkrnl driver to pick up bug fixes and code cleanups
  • Enable NFS client support for NFSv4.1
  • Enable USB kernel configuration options for interacting with an Arduino over USB
  • Provide a WSL2-specific

Release Date: Prerelease 2021/07/12

Official Github release link

  • Version rolling-lts/wsl/
  • Update to upstream stable kernel release 5.10.43
  • Improved dxgkrnl driver
  • New revision of arm64 Linux on Hyper-V series (v9)
  • Always use the Hyper-V hypercall interface on arm64 guests to support running on all versions of Windows

Release Date: 2021/07/20 ( Prerelease 2021/04/16 )

Official Github release link

  • Fixes GH 5324
  • Adds support for LUKS encrypted disks using wsl --mount


Release Date: Prerelease 2021/02/22

Official Github release link


Release Date: 2021/01/21

Official Github release link

  • Fix config for 5.4.72


Release Date: Prerelease - 2020/10/22

Official Github release link.

  • Stable release of 5.4.51


Release Date: 2020/09/15

Official Github release link.

  • This is a stable release of 4.19.128
  • Fix dxgkrnl driver IOCTL memory corruption


Release Date: Prerelease

Official Github release link.

  • Drivers: hv: vmbus: hook up dxgkrnl
  • Added support for GPU Compute


Release Date: 2020/06/09

Official Github release link.

  • Update WSL config for 4.19.104


Release Date: 2019/12/11

Official Github release link.

  • This is the 4.19.84 stable release