Introducing Workplace Analytics

Microsoft Workplace Analytics is a cloud-based service that provides business leaders with unprecedented insights about how people spend their time, and who they spend it with. These insights empower business leaders to drive strategies for sales, employee engagement, and productivity initiatives.

  • Data privacy - Learn how to protect and keep personal data private and how Workplace Analytics complies with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Set up and maintenance - Learn how to set up and maintain Workplace Analytics, assign licenses, assign roles, prepare and upload organizational data, and change privacy and other settings.
  • Microsoft Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams - Enables leaders to see organizational insights and managers to see team insights within the Teams app. Individuals can see their own personal and private insights within Teams as well. For details, see Personal Viva Insights.
  • Insights - Get analysis scope information and research-based behavioral insights into how your organization currently gets work done and how to maintain or change work patterns over time.
  • Data analysis - Learn how to analyze data with Workplace Analytics Explore the stats and Peer analysis, and how to create custom queries for more detailed analysis.
  • Plans - Learn how to create, manage, and track targeted change management plans to help reduce meeting load and increase focus time.
  • Frequently asked questions - Review the most frequently asked questions and their answers about Workplace Analytics roles, privacy, setup, and analysis tools.
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