Productivity insights that are powered by MyAnalytics are becoming broadly available for Office 365 users. Learn more about the experiences that users will get in each plan.

MyAnalytics provides insight into two of the key factors in personal productivity: how people spend their time and who they spend it with. Users obtain these benefits after an administrator sets up MyAnalytics within the organization.

  • Setup: As an administrator, you can follow the steps in this section to set up MyAnalytics for users in your organization.
  • Privacy guide: Read about the ways MyAnalytics gathers, uses, and protects user data, and how administrators can configure policy choices.
  • MyAnalytics elements: As a user, learn about the ways that MyAnalytics presents you with insights and how you can use these insights to make good decisions.
    • MyAnalytics personal dashboard: In the dashboard, you see statistics on how you've spent your time over the past week.
    • Outlook add-in: The Outlook add-in presents you with cards that report on aspects of your recent work experience and let you respond in various ways.
    • Email digests: You receive a weekly digest in email that gives you highlights about your previous week.
    • Nudges in Outlook: Contextual, data driven recommendations to help you build better work habits.
  • MyAnalytics adoption materials: The MyAnalytics adoption materials help teams and individuals reduce stress and burnout, increase productivity and creativity, and make work more enjoyable.
    • Individual adoption: Individuals learn how to use MyAnalytics to build and sustain healthier work habits.
    • Team adoption: Team members learn how to set and track goals and build new habits to change the way the team collaborates.
    • Habit resources: The learning modules and habit playbooks in this section help you build positive new habits and show you how to use MyAnalytics more effectively.