MyAnalytics dashboard

Applies to: MyAnalytics elements are available in varying levels to users of different Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans. See MyAnalytics plans and environments for details. Also see How do I find my plan?

Thank you for trying the new MyAnalytics experience. Welcome to your new personalized MyAnalytics dashboard that gives you valuable new insights into how to increase focus, achieve work-life balance, and improve your work relationships and team collaboration.

Go to to open your personal MyAnalytics dashboard.


Only you can see your data, see Privacy FAQ for details.


The MyAnalytics dashboard opens to the Home page that shows you statistics about your work patterns over the past month, including your focus and collaboration time, how many days you were able to disconnect from work, and how effectively you are networking with your coworkers.

Your work patterns

Focus and Wellbeing

The Focus section helps you understand whether you have enough time for uninterrupted individual work and provides tips on how to protect your calendar and manage distractions.

The Wellbeing section shows how well you are disconnecting from work during your time off and suggests ways to reduce stress and burnout.

For more details and tips, see Focus and Wellbeing.


The focus plan in MyAnalytics helps you set aside regular focus time for your top-priority work. This plan helps you schedule one to two hours every day to focus, with an option to book that time automatically. During the booked focus time, it silences chats in Teams and in Skype for Business. For more information, see MyAnalytics focus plan.

Network and Collaboration

The Network section shows information about your relationships with the people in your network, which is based on your work activities over the past year.

The Collaboration section shows the people you actively collaborated with based on your work activities over the past month, such as email, chats, calls, and meetings.

For more details and tips, see Network and Collaboration.

Productivity insights

These are based on your recent workplace activity. Select View Suggestions to get ideas about how you might change or improve your current work patterns.

Productivity insights

Config Settings

Your personalized MyAnalytics data and insights are based on the time zone and working hours that you set in Outlook.

Config Settings

MyAnalytics feedback

Your experience rating and feedback about MyAnalytics is important to us. If you think of a new feature or enhancement:

  1. Open your MyAnalytics dashboard.
  2. Select Feedback on the left pane.
  3. Complete the form, and then select Submit.

Opt out of the MyAnalytics dashboard

  1. Open your dashboard.

  2. Select the Settings (gear) icon in the top right.

    MyAnalytics settings

  3. Under MyAnalytics, select Settings.

  4. For Dashboard, set the control to Off.

    Slider in off position

  5. Select Save to save your changes.


It might take up to 24 hours for your saved changes to take effect.

If I am opted out, can I opt back in?

Yes; if you opt yourself out or if an admin opts you out, you can opt back in any time to regain access to your personal dashboard.