Adopt MyAnalytics


Productivity insights that are powered by MyAnalytics are becoming broadly available for Office 365 users. Learn more about the experiences that users will get in each plan.

The following MyAnalytics adoption materials can help teams and individuals reduce stress and burnout, increase productivity and creativity, and make work more enjoyable. The following resources guide you through how to recognize problems and address them by building healthy work habits.

  • Individual adoption: This section helps an individual use MyAnalytics to the fullest by providing a framework for building healthier habits and sustaining those changes.
  • Team adoption: This section leads a team through a multi-week program in which members learn how to use MyAnalytics to diagnose problems, set and track goals, and build new habits to change the way the team collaborates.
  • Habit resources: The learning modules and habit playbooks in this section help you build positive new habits and show you how to use MyAnalytics more effectively.