Set your goal

Define your purpose

After you gain more clarity on your collaboration problem and before you set your specific MyAnalytics goal, take some time to reflect on and clearly articulate why you might want to change your behaviors. Articulating these reasons can strengthen your motivation.

People aim to align their actions with their beliefs. If you don’t fully believe in the underlying reasons for change, it will be more difficult to maintain new habits. Try answering the following questions to define your purpose for change:

  • Why is it important for me to change?
  • How exactly will things be better for me if I change?
  • How will this change make me a better teammate and/or manager?
  • What are the risks of not changing?

Define your measurable goal

After you have clearly defined your purpose for change, diagnosed your collaboration problem, and selected your behavior-change objective, you are ready to set your specific MyAnalytics goal. To start, find the related metric in your dashboard, figure out how much time you usually spend on the thing you want to change, and write it down, along with your desired target. Each week, you can check your dashboard to see how you compare to your goal. For more information on how to create a plan for achieving your goal, see Habit-building method.

The following table provides some common examples of behavior-change objectives, related metrics in MyAnalytics, and examples of goals that align to those objectives.

Objective MyAnalytics metric Goal example
Reduce the number of ineffective meetings
  • Meetings
  • Number of conflicting meetings
  • Number of meetings you're multitasking in
  • Number of long meetings
  • Number recurring meetings
  • Number of meetings that occur outside of working hours
  • Reduce hours in multitasking meetings by 50%
    Schedule more focus hours to boost my productivity, creativity, and decision-making
  • Focus time
  • Focus-to-meeting-time ratio (use the focus habits chart in your dashboard)
  • Spend an equal amount of time in meetings and focus sessions
    Manage my inbox more effectively
  • Email
  • Number of emails sent and/or received during and outside of working hours
  • Send zero emails outside of working hours
    Improve the effectiveness of the emails I send
  • Email
  • Number of emails sent and/or received during and outside of working hours
  • Reduce the number of emails sent by 25%
    Reduce collaboration outside working hours to achieve a better work-life balance
  • Quiet days
  • Emails sent/received outside working hours
  • Meetings outside working hours
  • Spend less than 1 hour per week collaborating outside of working hours
    Spend more time with the people in my network who are aligned with my top priorities "My network" metrics:
  • Meeting time
  • Response rate
  • Read rate
  • 1:1 meetings
  • Spend two more hours per week with select important contacts (that is, move a person from "right to left" in your "My network" map in your dashboard)

    After you have defined your goal, you are ready to select a behavior to achieve that goal. For more information, see Build your habit.