The MyAnalytics Network page shows how many people you actively connect with in the last month and gives you suggestions on how to improve connections with your most important contacts, such as your manager or your direct reports.

It also shows your top collaborators in either a map or list view, enables you to view details about the important people in your network, and suggests people to add to your important list of people and grow your network.

Your Network

Productivity insights

These insights are based on your recent activity at work. Select View Suggestions to get ideas about how you might change or improve your current network pattern.

Important people

These are people you marked as important in MyAnalytics. MyAnalytics will help you track your communications with these people and help you maintain healthy work relationships with them. MyAnalytics will remind you of unread emails from these people and tasks you need to do for them.

To add a person as important

  1. Open your MyAnalytics dashboard, and then select Network.
  2. If the person is listed in the Suggested people to add section, select the star under the name to mark the person as important. If the person is not listed, use the search tool at top right of your important people list to search for the person's name, and then select the star next to the name to the list.

To remove a person from your important list

  1. Open your MyAnalytics dashboard, and then select Network.
  2. In the Important people section, select Show all.
  3. In the person's card, select the star to remove them from the list.

About the metrics

  • Top collaborators are based on your meetings, email, chats, and calls. If you hold a meeting with or exchange email, chats, or calls with coworkers, they are considered collaborators.

  • An active collaborator is a coworker you collaborated with in the past four weeks, whereas total collaborators uses activity over the past year.

  • An important collaborator is a coworker who you selected as important in MyAnalytics.

  • Total time is an estimation of the number of hours you spent in meetings, email, chats, and calls with that person in the last four weeks (both during and outside of your working hours).

  • Read percent is the percentage of email from a collaborator that you read in the last four weeks.

  • Response time is the average time you took to respond to a collaborator's email in the last four weeks. Specifically, it measures the time between when the email was received by you and when your response was sent.

Network tips

  • Add top collaborators to your important people list: Things change. Keep your Important people list up to date. Follow the steps in Important people to update your list.

  • Set up a weekly check-in with your manager: One-on-ones are a great way to keep your manager in the loop and resolve any issues quickly. Just 30 minutes of one-on-one time each week can help you stay in sync. Research shows that top-performing managers get regular one-on-one time with their team members. One-on-ones give employees an opportunity to voice concerns, share feedback, and stay motivated.

  • Make time for networking: Making time to foster relationships and grow your network has proven to contribute to professional advancement. A team partner study showed a correlation between successful salespeople and large networks. The top salespeople boasted internal networks that were 33% larger than those who performed below average. In this case, an investment in meaningful coworker relationships translated to higher performance.

  • Spend more time with important collaborators: Spending more time with the people in your network who align with your top-priority tasks at work can improve team collaboration and increase project success. Consider scheduling just one more weekly, reoccurring meeting with these people.

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