Workplace Analytics FastTrack Data Science Service

Service Overview

The Workplace Analytics Data Science Service offered under Office 365 FastTrack provides you additional data exports and analytics with customized metrics. It supplements what your users can get on their own using the Workplace Analytics platform. This service is available for customers with active Office 365 services for Workplace Analytics.

Policy and steps

  • Service requests are defined in collaboration with a Workplace Analytics FastTrack project manager.
  • Service requests are fulfilled between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Requests may take multiple days to complete, depending on request complexity.
  • Microsoft might require you to provide appropriate access and permissions to perform data-science service activities.

End state

  • Data file with a pre-defined set of rows and columns is made available within the Office 365 tenant for download.
  • If requested, data insights and analysis will be delivered via PowerPoint presentation.
  • Email completion report is provided by a FastTrack project manager.

Services out-of-scope

  • System configuration and access provisioning.

FastTrack Data Science Service specialists do the following

  • Provide a standard template for defining and documenting data science request.
  • Provide information on required permissions for Microsoft personnel.
  • Create and run scripts to output downloadable data files.
  • Verify that data-output files have the desired structure and content.
  • If requested, analyze the data output and summarize insights.
  • Provide a completion report.

Your responsibilities

  • Complete the data-science request template.
  • Provide Microsoft personnel with access and permissions to your online-services environment, as necessary, for them to perform data-science activities.
  • Handle all communications with end users.

Advisory notes

  • If the Workplace Analytics Data Science Service that you have requested is for a project on which you are working with a third-party service provider (for example, with a consultant that you have hired), then Microsoft will treat that third-party service provider as acting on your behalf and may share your data with that third-party service provider. Microsoft will not be responsible for that third-party service provider’s handling of your data.
  • Except as set forth in an agreement between Microsoft and your organization, data provided through the FastTrack services may be transferred to, stored, and processed anywhere that Microsoft maintains facilities, and the FastTrack services are not designed or intended for data subject to special legal or regulatory requirements.
  • If you provided Microsoft personnel with login credentials to access your online services environment, then Microsoft recommends that you revoke those credentials when the assignment has been completed or terminates.