Requirements for Workplace Analytics

Licensing checklist

With the proper licensing, your company can acquire Workplace Analytics as an add-on to its licensing agreement. To be able to purchase Workplace Analytics licenses, your company needs the following:

checkbox 1 An Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Microsoft

checkbox 2 An Office 365 or Microsoft 365 product that contains either Exchange Online Plan 1 or Exchange Online Plan 2.

Enterprise Agreements

To obtain Workplace Analytics, you must have an Enterprise Agreement (EA) in place. Other channels such as Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) do not support the addition of Workplace Analytics at this time. Also, note the following circumstances for various types of customers:

Type Notes
Government Government Community Cloud (GCC) does not currently support the addition of Workplace Analytics.
Education Supported only for the analysis of faculty at this time, not for students.
Commercial You can add Workplace Analytics with commercial enrollments.
Non-profit Workplace Analytics under a commercial EA can be used by non-profits but non-profit pricing is not available.
Firstline workers Workplace Analytics does not support analysis of Firstline workers that use Microsoft Firstline Worker SKUs (F1, F3, F5) at this time.

Exchange Online plans

Microsoft Exchange Online provides much of the collaboration data that Workplace Analytics uses. For this reason, you must have an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 product that contains Exchange Online (EXO) Plan 1 or EXO Plan 2 on your enrollment.

In other words, only if a user has an Exchange Online mailbox can you assign a Workplace Analytics license to that user.

Tenant environments and user licenses


Workplace Analytics requires an Office 365 tenant with Exchange Online.

Workplace Analytics licenses

Assign Workplace Analytics licenses to the users whose mailboxes you want to analyze. This can mean all the employees in your organization or a specific subset. To ensure statistical significance and meaningful comparative analysis, companies obtain the most benefit when they deploy Workplace Analytics to the entire company or to a large group of employees.


Workplace Analytics is not yet supported for users whose mailboxes are in the following geo locations: Brazil, Germany, and Norway. For more details about geo locations, see Moving core data to new Microsoft 365 datacenter geos and Find the geo location of a mailbox.


Contact your Microsoft account team for pricing.

Supported Browsers

For the best experience, use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox are not preferred browsers for Workplace Analytics. Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser for Workplace Analytics.

Further questions

If you have questions about licensing, such as "How can I obtain Workplace Analytics for my business, school, or non-profit?" have your admin reach out to your Microsoft account team, or use this form to inquire about Workplace Analytics.

Get support

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To provide feedback, go to Microsoft uservoice for Office 365.