Workplace Analytics Teamwork solution

By combining the power of Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics, the Teamwork solution feature helps you transform insights from Workplace Analytics into targeted change programs across your organization. Targeted change programs are available for reducing meeting load, increasing focus time, and maintaining work-life balance. By using the Teamwork solution feature, you can do the following:

  1. Use Workplace Analytics to identify groups that are experiencing meeting load, lack of focus time, or lack of work-life balance.

  2. Set up 12-week change programs for the identified groups with goals, recommended habits, and additional context. The members of the group experience the change program through MyAnalytics.

  3. Measure the progress of the program while it is underway, and the ROI of the program after it has finished.


    Teamwork solution is intended for use by analysts and program managers. For general information about roles, see User roles in Workplace Analytics.

For more information about the real-world change programs that Teamwork solution enables, see Learn how Macy's uses Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics.

For walkthrough steps that use Teamwork solution to create a program, see Walkthrough.

Video: Solution overview

Prerequisites for Teamwork solution

Confirm your organization meets the following prerequisites for Teamwork solution:

  • Obtain licenses to both Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics for the groups that will experience change programs.

  • Identify people in your organization to whom to assign the following roles:

    • Analyst. Analysts help identify opportunities for change programs.
    • Program manager. Program managers help set up and run programs, and measure program ROI.


    One person can be assigned both the Analyst and Program manager roles.

Workplace Analytics solution for teamwork playbook

The solution for teamwork playbook provides tips on how to best use Workplace Analytics Teamwork solution to achieve maximum benefit for your organization:

solution for teamwork playbook

Teamwork solution: Frequently asked questions

Questions about roles and access

Q1: Why don't I see the Solutions page?

A1: You can see the Solutions page only if you've been assigned the role of program manager or analyst.

Q2: Why do I see the Identify page but not the Manage or Track pages?

A2: You can see the Manage and Track pages only if you've been assigned the role of program manager.

Q3: What is the role of a program manager? Why do we need a new role?

A3: A program manager understands teams and trends in an organization and can define, track, and understand the value of programs. A new role is required to add security and privacy. Only the program manager has "write" access to programs; this means that only program managers can deploy programs. All other roles have "read" access. This ensures that only people who are trusted with this responsibility have the capability to create and deploy programs.

Additional information about roles and access

Questions about program implementation

Q1: Can we change the duration of the programs?

A1: No. All programs last twelve weeks. Exception: Occasionally, a program manager must end a program early because of unforeseen circumstances.

Q5: What is the minimum group size?

A5: On the Admin settings page in Workplace Analytics, administrators can set the minimum group size for an organization. They cannot reduce this setting below the absolute limit (five people). For more information, see Configure settings for Workplace Analytics.

Q6: Can I monitor metrics for specific users?

A6: No. Privacy considerations preclude the monitoring of behavior information about specific users.

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