Plans: Participants' experience

Role - a participant in a plan or a person who is using MyAnalytics

While analysts and program managers can create and manage programs in Workplace Analytics, the actual work of change is done by people. People who are using MyAnalytics can participate in a plan and use it as an opportunity to change their workplace habits for the better.

All plans are scheduled to start on a Sunday. As soon as the plan starts and through the duration of the plan, its participants will receive or can view what is described in the following sections.

MyAnalytics dashboard

The MyAnalytics dashboard is a constantly available resource for MyAnalytics users. In addition to its standard content, the dashboard also includes a new participant section during a plan.

When people are part of a plan, they'll see a new Team Plans in their dashboard for tracking their progress. This added section contains information, such as recommended habits and a report about their progress as compared to the plan goals.

Participant's dashboard


People who use MyAnalytics get a weekly digest that focuses on a different work pattern each week, including: Focus, Wellbeing, Network, and Collaboration. This weekly digest is not affected by a participant's enrollment in a plan.

Teams Plan section

For plan participants, their weekly digest includes an additional section, such as the Teams Plan section. This section summarizes their progress in the plan over the preceding week.

However, people who are also using the MyAnalytics Focus plan will not see this additional Plans section in their weekly digest. They will only see a weekly Focus digest (instead of a rotating digest) that shows updates about their focus plan.

Weekly digest

MyAnalytics inline suggestions

MyAnalytics inline suggestions in Outlook are brief, data- and AI-driven notifications that appear in Outlook while you are either reading or composing an email or a meeting invitation. Different inline suggestions apply to different situations. For example, if you have outstanding to-do tasks, an inline suggestion might ask whether you want to review them.

Plan-only inline suggestions

Many inline suggestions are available to all MyAnalytics participants (see broadly available inline suggestions), but some apply only to participants of a particular Teamwork plan, such as the Collaboration plan or the Wellbeing plan:

Collaboration plan

Participants in the Collaboration plan might see the following inline suggestion.

Where it shows up What it says How it helps
Reading pane (meeting invitation)                     Could this meeting be 45 minutes? Suggest shortening to save everyone one hour per month. Reply to <name>                                               Suggests that you ask the meeting organizer to shorten hour-long meetings to 45 minutes.

Wellbeing plan

Participants in the Wellbeing plan might see the following inline suggestion.

Where it shows up What it says How it helps
Reading pane (meeting invitation)                       Looks like this meeting is outside your typical working hours. Here are some alternate times that work for everyone. See suggested times   Suggests that you ask the organizer to move the meeting to a time during working hours that works for all attendees.                                            

Broadly available inline suggestions

Many other inline suggestions are available to all MyAnalytics participants, whether they are enrolled in a Teamwork plan or not. See Inline suggestions in Outlook for details.