The wpa R package

The wpa R package is an open-source repository of more than 100 functions that provide low-code pre-built analyses. Analysts can use this package to execute custom analyses that go beyond the insights that Power BI templates and Workplace Analytics queries make available. These analyses can help leaders go deeper into the data that Workplace Analytics provides to solve more specific problems.


R is an open-source statistical programming language and one of the most popular toolkits for data analysis and data science. For users of the R language, a "package" is a unit of sharable code that's organized into libraries.

Capabilities for analysts

This R package is intended for use by analysts and data scientists who are intermediate-to-advanced users of R or Python. By using the wpa R package, an analyst can do the following:

  • Run prebuilt analysis and visualizations of Workplace Analytics data with the ability to make settings to use organizational data variables and maintain privacy thresholds.

  • Obtain outputs in multiple formats. Analysts can easily export these outputs into any format required, including clipboard (copy & paste), Excel, .csv, and – for plots – .png, .svg, and .pdf.

  • Validate data prior to analysis by running a data validation report, which performs systematic checks on, for example, metrics, organizational attributes, and meeting subject lines. The data-validation functions promote good practices of checking for patterns such as public holidays, non-knowledge workers, outliers, and missing values in the data to improve the quality and reliability of analysis.

  • Generate prebuilt interactive HTML reports, which includes reports on data validation, subject-line text mining, and key collaboration metrics.

  • Make use of advanced analytics functions, such as text mining, network analysis, and hierarchical clustering, all designed specifically for Workplace Analytics metrics.

The following illustration shows the experience of creating a visualization of collaboration hours with the wpa R package:

wpa R package visualization

Analyst resources

The wpa R package, its documentation, and other related resources are available on GitHub in the following locations: