My Team in Viva Insights

You can view manager insights on the My Team page in the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams. Manager insights provide visibility into team collaboration patterns that are leading indicators for overall employee experience and wellbeing.

Outcomes page

While you can also see these outcome-based insights and their related best practices in Workplace Analytics, it's advantageous to find them in Teams, the tool that you're already using for communicating during remote work, the tool you use for meeting, sharing files, and sending IMs to employees and other leaders.

Personal insights are also available

Along with information about your team, the Viva Insights app also offers you personal insights, insights that can help any employee with their daily work:

  • Stay connected – This insight helps you stay on top of your collaboration with colleagues through features such as AI-based task suggestions and meeting assistance. For more information about the Stay connected feature, see Stay connected.
  • Protect time – This insight helps you find more time to eliminate distractions, stop multi-tasking, and focus on your core priorities. For more information about Protect time feature, see Protect time.

Data privacy

For information about data privacy and GDPR compliance in the Viva Insights app, see Privacy and data protection.


For you to obtain access to the My Team page, the following must be in place:

  • Manager access – Confirm that the Workplace Analytics admin has set to "on" the manager setting that enables managers to see Team insights. Admins make this setting in Workplace Analytics in the Manager settings.
  • No other roles – You have been assigned no other Workplace Analytics role, including admin, analyst, or program manager.
  • Licensed team – The members of your team must have been assigned Workplace Analytics licenses and they must also be included in the reporting hierarchy that leads to you as their manager.
  • Minimum team size – Your team structure must meet the minimum group size of 10 or more measured and licensed employees.

Install the Viva Insights app

Note: The Microsoft Viva Insights app is currently rolling out to Microsoft Teams users worldwide.

This section describes how to install the Viva Insights app for yourself. (If you're an admin who will install the Viva Insights app for an organization, see Admin tasks: Deployment.)


You can skip this procedure if you've already installed the Viva Insights app to obtain the Personal insights.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams on the web or in a desktop client.

  2. At the bottom of the Microsoft Teams app bar (on the left), select Apps:

    Apps icon in Teams

  3. In the search field under Apps, type Insights:

    Search for Insights

  4. Select the Insights app:

    Select Insights app

  5. Select Add:

    Add for me button

This step adds the app to all the places where you might use Microsoft Teams: the Teams desktop client, Teams on the web, and Teams on a mobile device.


You can also locate the Insights app at

Pin the app

After you pin a Teams app, it appears on the Teams app bar (the left navigation bar).

On desktop and web client

  1. Select More (the ellipsis) on the Microsoft Teams app bar.

  2. Right-click any app icon and select Pin to make and keep your app visible in the Teams app bar.

    Pin an app in Teams


You can reorder apps in the Teams app bar by dragging and dropping icons. For more information about pinning and unpinning apps in Microsoft Teams, see Pin an app for easy access.

On the iOS and Android mobile platforms

  1. Select More (the ellipsis) on the Microsoft Teams app bar.

  2. Select Reorder and drag the app out of the More section.

    Reorder on iOS or Android

  3. Select Done to save your changes.

Admin tasks: Deployment

Teams Service Administrators can choose to deploy and pin the app for all users or particular departments through custom policies.

Complete the steps in the following mini-playbooks to get the Viva Insights app up and running for people in your organization.

  1. Turn on the Viva Insights app for your organization: Release the Insights app within your organization.


    To allow or block specific users in your organization from using Insights, do the following:

    1. Make sure that Viva Insights is turned on for your organization on the Manage apps page.

    2. Create a custom-app permission policy and assign it to those users. To learn more, see Manage app permission policies in Teams.

  2. Install the Viva Insights app for all employees in your organization: Install the Insights app.

  3. Pin the Insights app to the left navigation pane of Teams for all employees in your organization: Pin the Insights app.

  4. Now that the Insights app is available for employees, they can follow these steps to locate and open it: Find and open the Insights app.


    The following step is required for managers. It gives them access to the My Team page of the Viva Insights app.

  5. Grant access to manager insights. To do this, an admin follows the steps in To configure manager settings. They can make this setting either for all or for a subset of managers in the organization.

Open the My Team page

  1. On the Teams app bar (the left navigation bar), select Insights:

    Insights icon

  2. The Home page of the Insights app opens. Notice the card in the upper right. This card displays a random insight from one of the My Team outcomes. To learn more about this insight, select the Explore more option on this card.

    Insights Home page

    You can also use any of the other features on this page, such as Reflect, Praise, Stay connected, and Protect time. For more information about these Home page features, see Viva Insights Home page.

  3. On the menu bar at the top of the page, select My Team. The My Team page opens to show the following outcomes:

    • Employee experience
    • Team effectiveness

    Two outcomes on the Outcomes page

  4. Inspect the outcomes and the statistics that they show. Do you see any red flags that might cause you to take action?

Drill down to the insights level

To investigate further, select one of the outcomes to see the insights for that outcome. For example, on the Outcomes page, select Employee experience to see the Coaching and development insights:

Coaching and development

Drill down to the best-practices level

To learn about taking action on an outcome, you can drill down another layer to see related best practices. For example, on the Boost employee engagement insight, select View best practices, which opens the panel called, Best Practices: Increase frequency of coaching:

Best practice - Coaching frequency

Viva Insights and Workplace Analytics

The Viva Insights app shows you outcomes, insights for those outcomes, and best practices for each insight. Workplace Analytics also shows outcomes, insights for those outcomes, and best practices for each insight. Here's how the two apps compare:

Similar functionality

  • In both Viva Insights and in Workplace Analytics, you see outcomes on the initial page. You drill down by selecting an outcome to see its insights. You can drill down further by selecting an insight to see what best practices are recommended for it.

Different functionality

  • In Workplace Analytics, in the wellbeing, collaboration and focus-plan insights, you can launch plans. You cannot launch plans from Viva Insights.

  • Best practices are integrated into the flow of the Viva Insights app, but in Workplace Analytics, best practices are presented in documentation.

Feature descriptions

These outcomes, insights, and best practices are described in the Workplace Analytics documentation. As you browse this documentation, bear in mind the differences that are described in Different functionality.


As you use the Viva insights app, you can provide feedback about the app to Microsoft. To learn how, see Q2 in the following section, How can I send feedback to Microsoft about the Insights app?


Q1. Does the Microsoft Viva Insights app comply with GDPR?

A1. Yes. The Viva Insights app complies with GDPR requirements.

Q2. How can I send feedback to Microsoft about the Insights app?

A2. There are two ways to provide feedback through the Viva Insights app:

  • At the bottom of every insight is the question: "Is this helpful?" Select Yes or No to provide feedback.

    Is this helpful? Yes No

  • Every page in the Insights app has the question, "Is this helpful?" at the bottom-right corner. Select Yes or No to provide feedback.

    After you select Yes or No on one of these options, a dialog box appears in which you can share more. Select the Allow Microsoft to contact … box if you’d like Microsoft to contact you to follow up on your feedback.

    Thanks for the feedback