Edit Text

In this section, you will create a text field for user input, using the EditText widget. Once text has been entered into the field, the "Enter" key will display the text in a toast message.

Open the Resources\layout\main.xml file and add the EditText element (inside the LinearLayout):

<pre><code class=" syntax brush-C#">&lt;EditText

To do something with the text that the user types, add the following code to the end of the OnCreate method:

EditText edittext = FindViewById<EditText>(Resource.Id.edittext);
edittext.KeyPress += (object sender, View.KeyEventArgs e) => {
 e.Handled = false;
 if (e.Event.Action == KeyEventActions.Down && e.KeyCode == Keycode.Enter) {
  Toast.MakeText (this, edittext.Text, ToastLength.Short).Show ();
  e.Handled = true;

This captures the EditText element from the layout and sets a KeyPress handler, which defines the action to be made when a key is pressed while the widget has focus. In this case, the method is defined to listen for the Enter key (when pressed down), then pop up a Toast message with the text that has been entered. The Handled property should always be true if the event has been handled, so that the event doesn't bubble-up (which would result in a carriage return in the text field).

Run the application.

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