Part 1 – Creating a Cross Platform MonoGame

This walkthrough shows how to create a new project for iOS and Android using MonoGame. The result is a Visual Studio for Mac solution with a cross-platform shared code project as well as one project for each platform. This project will display an empty blue screen when run.

MonoGame enables the development of cross-platform games with large portion of code reuse. This walkthrough will focus on setting up a solution which contains projects for iOS and Android, as well as a shared code project for cross-platform code.

When complete, the project has the proper structure for performing game update logic and game drawing logic at 30 frames per second. It can be used as the base project for any MonoGame project. The project will look like this when run:

Blank blue screen

Adding MonoGame to Visual Studio


MonoGame is not installed by default in Visual Studio 2019 or Visual Studio for Mac.

You should manually download and install the latest version from then run the installer. You may need to restart Visual Studio for the templates to appear.

The Game Development section should then appear in the Add-in Manager.

To enable the MonoGame add-in for Visual Studio for Mac, select Visual Studio for Mac > Add-in Manager... . For Visual Studio 2019 on Windows, select Tools > Add-in Manager.... Select the Gallery tab, expand the Game Development category and select MonoGame Addin, then click Install...:

Visual Studio for Mac extensions gallery selecting MonoGame

Once installed, MonoGame templates will appear in Visual Studio for Mac, as we will see in the next section.

Creating a new solution

In Visual Studio for Mac select File > New Solution. In the New Project dialog, click on Miscellaneous, scroll to the General section, select the Universal MonoGame Mobile application option, and click Next.

New Project dialog creating a MonoGame application

Name the project WalkingGame and click Create:

New Project dialog picking a name and location

Now our project will execute just like any other iOS or Android project. The project should run displaying a cornflower blue background:

Blank blue app background

Fixing Android Compile Errors

The current version of MonoGame’s templates includes a few syntax errors in the Android’s Activity1.cs file. To fix these problems, replace the OnCreate function with the following:

protected override void OnCreate (Bundle bundle)
    base.OnCreate (bundle);

    var g = new Game1();


This walkthrough covered how to create a cross-platform MonoGame project using Visual Studio for Mac. The result of this is an empty blue screen. This project can be used as the starting point for any iOS and Android game.