UrhoSharp - 3D/2D Engine

UrhoSharp is a cross-platform high-level 3D and 2D engine that can be used to create animated 3D and 2D scenes for your applications using geometries, materials, lights, and cameras.

Sample UrhoSharp game

UrhoSharp is distributed as a NuGet package that can be installed on either Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac and can be used to target any of the following platforms: Android, MacOS, iOS, tvOS and Windows.

Introduction to UrhoSharp

This article provides a high-level overview of UrhoSharp and its capabilities for 3D visualization and for use in simple 3D games.

Using UrhoSharp

In this document we describe the core concepts of UrhoSharp that you would use to build a game or create a 3D visualization for your application.

Urho and your platform

These guides describe the setup instructions for Urho on each target platform and describe ways to integrate Urho with your existing Android and iOS applications.

Programming UrhoSharp with F#

This guide walks through the creation of a simple "Hello, World!" UrhoSharp solution using F# and Visual Studio for Mac.


We have created samples on GitHub illustrating how to use UrhoSharp.

  • FeatureSamples shows more than 40 individual samples that showcase specific features of Urho.

  • SamplyGame is a sample implementation of the Shooty Skies game.

  • FormsSample showcases how to use UrhoSharp in Xamarin.Forms applications.

All the samples run on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

This documentation contains original content from Xamarin Inc, but draws extensively from the open source documentation for the Urho3D project and contains screenshots from the Cocos2D project.


The UrhoSharp license is available at the http://download.xamarin.com/content/licenses/URHO.LICENSE