tvOS Application Fundamentals

This section presents the most common tasks and concepts that developers need to be aware of when writing Xamarin.tvOS apps.

Xamarin.tvOS Application Fundamentals

The documents in this section provide working knowledge of the fundamental concepts and features of tvOS that you will be working with when creating a Xamarin.tvOS app.

It is highly suggested that you work through the Hello, tvOS Quick Start Guide first, as it covers key concepts and techniques that we'll be using in every article.

Working with Icons and Images

This article covers designing and working with icons and images inside of a Xamarin.tvOS app.

Working with Navigation and Focus

This article covers the concept of Focus and how it is used to present and handle Navigation inside of a Xamarin.tvOS app.

Resources and Data Storage

Unlike iOS devices, the new Apple TV does not provide persistent, local storage for tvOS apps. This article covers working with resources and persistent data storage in a Xamarin.tvOS app.

Playing Sound with AVAudioPlayer

This article shows how to use a helper class to control the playback of sound using an AVAudioPlayer in your Xamarin.tvOS app.