Getting started with Java

This is the getting started page for Java, which covers the basics for all supported platforms.


To use .NET Embedding with Java you will need:

For Mac:

  • Xcode 8.3.2 or later

For Windows:

  • Visual Studio 2017 with C++ support
  • Windows 10 SDK

For Android:

You can use Visual Studio for Mac to edit and compile your C# code.


Earlier versions of Xcode, Visual Studio, Xamarin.Android, Android Studio, and Mono might work, but are untested and unsupported.


.NET Embedding is currently available on NuGet:

nuget install Embeddinator-4000

This will place Embeddinator-4000.exe into the packages/Embeddinator-4000/tools directory.

Additionally, you can build .NET Embedding from source, see our git repository and the contributing document for instructions.


Java is currently in a preview state for macOS, Windows, and Android.

The platform is selected by passing the --platform=<platform> command-line argument to the .NET Embedding tool. Currently macOS, Windows, and Android are supported.

macOS and Windows

For development, you should be able to use any Java IDE that supports Java 1.8. You can even use Android Studio for this if desired, see here. You can use the JAR file output as you would any standard Java jar file.


Please make sure you are already set up to develop Android applications before trying to create one using .NET Embedding. The following instructions assume that you have already successfully built and deployed an Android application from your computer.

Android Studio is recommended for development, but other IDEs should work as long as there is support for the AAR file format.

Further reading