.NET Embedding 0.2 release notes

This is the second public release of Embeddinator-4000. It supports the Objective-C language on macOS, iOS, and tvOS. More languages and platforms will be added in future releases.


  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later;
  • Xcode 8.3.2 or later;
  • Mono 5.0 or later.


What's New

  • tvOS support - pr329
  • Improved behavior when generated code would duplicate other library or system selectors.

Objective-C Support

  • pr284 - [interop] Added support for IFormatProvider as a Objective-C protocol;
  • pr299 - [interop] Added support for managed types implementing IEquatable<T>;
  • pr292 - [interop] System.Decimal is now mapped with Foundation's NSDecimalNumber
  • pr315 - [generator] Better names are generated when types are used
  • pr344 - [interop] Added support for conversion between NSDate and DateTime.
  • pr332 - [objc] Add decimal array ref support
  • pr327 - [objc] Add support for System.TimeSpan into generated projects

iOS Support

  • pr305 - [mtouch] Native symbols stripping now supported with Xamarin.iOS in embeddinator mode
  • pr319 - [linker] Automatically create XML file to preserve anything required from SDK assemblies;

macOS Support

  • pr324 - [mmp] Support for native frameworks generated with Xamarin.Mac;
  • pr324 - [registrar] Support for subclassing managed subclasses of NSObject from Xamarin.Mac based assemblies;

note: macOS support without Xamarin.Mac remains supported but requires a compatible version of Mono to be installed on the computer;

tvOS Support

  • pr329 - Support for tvOS is now available. It requires Xamarin.iOS to be installed;

Other New Features

  • pr339 - [driver] The command line tool now support nowarn: to reduce the number of warnings (e.g. when binding an assembly that cannot be modified);
  • pr339 - [driver] The command line tool now support warnaserror: to ensure some warnings cannot be overlooked;

Known Issues

  • This release only generates Objective-C code;
  • This release only targets macOS, iOS, and tvOS - the latter requires Xamarin.iOS (10.11+) to be installed;
  • Some C# features (e.g. generics) are not yet supported;
  • In some cases the generator produces duplicate symbols, which won't compile. Please file issues on github if this occurs.

A list of issues, including bugs, enhancements and ideas, is being tracked on github.