Xamarin Live Player Visual Studio configuration

Preview feature


The Xamarin Live Player Preview has ended. The app is no longer available. The instructions below are provided for customers continuing to use the preview with Visual Studio 2017.


You can use the XAML Previewer in Visual Studio 2019 or Visual Studio for Mac to view your screen designs as you edit them.

Using Xamarin Live Player

You must already have the Xamarin Live Player app on your device. It is no longer available to download.

  1. Open Visual Studio 2017.

  2. Go to Tools > Options... and select the Xamarin > Other tab.

  3. Tick Enable Xamarin Live Player:

    Check the Enable Xamarin Live Player box in the Options window

  4. Create or open a Xamarin project (or a sample).

  5. Choose Live Player in the device list:

    Device list includes a Xamarin Live Player option

    • If you have already paired a device, it will be available as an option.
    • Otherwise you'll be prompted to pair a device when required.
  6. Press the Run button, or select one of the following options from the Run or right-click menu:

    • Start Without Debugging – you can edit the app and see the changes occur on the device (app is restarted as changes are made and the file saved).
    • Start Debugging – you can set breakpoints and inspect variables, but code cannot be edited.

    Alternatively, select Tools > Xamarin Live Player > Live Run Current View, which lets you edit the app and see the changes occur on the device. The current view is shown (instead of the application's main screen).

  7. If a device is already paired and the Xamarin Live Player app is running on the device, the code will execute straight away!

    If no device is paired, a QR code will appear with instructions on how to pair a device:

    Pair a device window

    If the device cannot be contacted for pairing, an error may appear.

If you experience any issues or can not connect, see limitations and troubleshooting.