Xamarin Live Player App

Preview feature


The Xamarin Live Player Preview has ended. The app is no longer available. The instructions below are provided for customers continuing to use the preview with Visual Studio 2017.


You can use the XAML Previewer in Visual Studio 2019 or Visual Studio for Mac to view your screen designs as you edit them.

On startup, the Xamarin Live Player app looks like this:

Live Player Android app screenshot

When you press Pair to Visual Studio, use the camera to scan the barcode showing on your computer:

Screenshot of the Android barcode scanner

If the connection is successful, the code should run on the device almost immediately (such as the Calculator sample:

Sample calculator app running on device


Press the information button (i) on the bottom of the app to reveal the Options menu:

Screenshot of the options menu


View logs to diagnose problems.


  • Toggle display of compile and runtime errors.
  • Version information.
  • Send feedback.

Screenshot of the settings

Managing Devices

To connect a device for the first time, follow the instructions in Requirements & Setup. You can pair multiple devices and manage them via the IDE.

In Visual Studio, choose Tools > Xamarin Live Player > Manage Devices...

Manage devices window

This window lets you do the following:

  • Pair a new device by scanning the code
  • Alternatively pair a device by typing the code displayed on its screen
  • Remove existing devices from the list

You can also access this window from the device list.

If you experience any issues see limitations and troubleshooting.