Troubleshooting Xamarin Workbooks on Android

Emulator Support

To run an Android workbook, an Android emulator must be available for use. Physical Android devices are not supported.

We recommend Google's emulator along with HAXM if your computer supports it. If you must have Hyper-V enabled on your system, go with the Visual Studio Android Emulator instead.

You must have an emulator that runs Android 5.0 or later. ARM emulators are not supported. Use x86 or x86_64 devices only.

Please read our documentation on setting up Android emulators if you are not familiar with the process.


Workbooks 1.1 and earlier will try (and fail!) to use ARM emulators if they are available. To work around this, launch the x86 emulator of your choice before opening or creating an Android workbook. Workbooks will always prefer to connect to a running emulator, as long as it is compatible.

Workbooks Won't Load

Workbook window spins forever, never loads (Windows)

First, check that your emulator has fully-working network access by testing any website in the emulator's web browser.

Visual Studio Android Emulator cannot connect to the internet

If your emulator does not have network access, you may need to follow these steps to fix your Hyper-V network switch. If you switch between Wi-Fi networks frequently you may need to repeat this periodically:

  1. Make sure any critical network operations are complete, as this may temporarily disconnect Windows from the internet.
  2. Close emulators.
  3. Open Hyper-V Manager.
  4. Under Actions, open Virtual Switch Manager....
  5. Delete all virtual switches.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Launch VS Android Emulator. You will probably be prompted to recreate virtual network switch.
  8. Test that VS Android Emulator's browser can access the internet.