Xamarin Docs What's New (July 2019)

Welcome to what's new in Xamarin docs for July 2019. Listed below are some of the recent docs we've published.

Xamarin.Forms 4.1

Xamarin.Forms 4.1 was released in July, and includes the following new and updated content:

In addition, while CollectionView remains in preview, the following docs have been updated:

Data & Azure cloud services

The following content is new, or updated:

In addition, the content in this section has been reorganized.


The following content has received substantial updates:

Community contributors

We'd like to recognize the following people, who've contributed to Xamarin docs in the last month:

  • Timo Salomäki
  • Gary Ng
  • Mikolaj Kieres
  • David Broadfoot
  • Cris Weber
  • Michelle Gybels
  • Juliya Smith
  • Chad Ramos