Xamarin.Forms gestures

Gesture recognizers can be used to detect user interaction with views in a Xamarin.Forms application.

The Xamarin.Forms GestureRecognizer class supports tap, pinch, pan, and swipe gestures on View instances.

Adding a tap gesture recognizer

A tap gesture is used for tap detection and is recognized with the TapGestureRecognizer class.

Adding a pinch gesture recognizer

A pinch gesture is used for performing interactive zoom and is recognized with the PinchGestureRecognizer class.

Adding a pan gesture recognizer

A pan gesture is used for detecting the movement of fingers around the screen and applying that movement to content, and is recognized with the PanGestureRecognizer class.

Adding a swipe gesture recognizer

A swipe gesture occurs when a finger is moved across the screen in a horizontal or vertical direction, and is often used to initiate navigation through content. Swipe gestures are recognized with the SwipeGestureRecognizer class.