Sending Push Notifications

A push notification is used to deliver information, such as a message, from a backend system to an application on a mobile device to increase application engagement and usage. The notification can be sent at anytime, even when the user is not actively using the targeted application.

Send and receive Push Notifications with Azure Notification Hubs and Xamarin.Forms

Azure Notification Hubs enable you to centralize notifications across platforms so your backend application can communicate with a single hub. Azure Notification Hubs take care of distributing push notifications to multiple platform providers. This article explains how to integrate Azure Notification Hubs into a Xamarin.Forms application.

Send Push Notifications from Azure Mobile Apps

Azure Mobile Apps integrate with Azure Notification Hubs to provide a scalable backend capable of sending push notifications. Azure Notification Hubs eliminate the complexity of communicating with individual Push Notification Services such as Google and Apple.