Android build error – The LinkAssemblies task failed unexpectedly

You may see an error message The "LinkAssemblies" task failed unexpectedly when building a Xamarin.Android project that uses Forms. This happens when the linker is active (typically on a Release build to reduce the size of the app package); and it occurs because the Android targets aren't updated to the latest framework. (More information: Xamarin.Forms for Android Requirements)

The resolution to this issue is to make sure you have the latest supported Android SDK versions, and set the Target Framework to Use latest installed platform. It's also recommended that you set the Target Android Version to Use Target Framework Version and the minimum Android version to API 15 or higher. This is considered the supported configuration.

Setting in Visual Studio for Mac

  1. Right click on the Android project.
  2. Go to Build > General > Target Framework.
  3. Set the Target Framework: Use latest installed platform.
  4. Still in the project options, go to Build > Android Application.
  5. Set the Minimum Android version to API level 15 or higher & the Target Android version to Automatic - use target framework version.

Setting in Visual Studio

  1. Right click on the Android project.
  2. Go to Application in the project options.
  3. Set the Compile using Android version & Target Android version settings to Use Latest Platform / Use Compile using SDK version.
  4. Set the Minimum Android to target setting to API 19 or higher.

Once you've updated those settings, please clean and rebuild your project to ensure your changes are picked up.