Colors in Xamarin.Forms

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Xamarin.Forms provides a flexible cross-platform Color class.

This article introduces the various ways the Color class can be used in Xamarin.Forms.

The Color class provides a number of methods to build a Color instance:

  • Named Colors - a collection of common named-colors, including Red, Green, and Blue.
  • FromHex - string value similar to the syntax used in HTML, for example "00FF00". Alpha can optionally be specified as the first pair of characters ("CC00FF00").
  • FromHsla - Hue, saturation and luminosity double values, with optional alpha value (0.0-1.0).
  • FromHsv - Hue, saturation, and value int or double values.
  • FromHsva - Hue, saturation, and value int or double values.
  • FromRgb - Red, green, and blue int values (0-255).
  • FromRgba - Red, green, blue, and alpha int values (0-255).
  • FromUint - set a single double value representing argb.

Here's some example colors, assigned to the BackgroundColor of some labels using different variations of the allowed syntax:

var red    = new Label { Text = "Red",   BackgroundColor = Color.Red };
var orange = new Label { Text = "Orange",BackgroundColor = Color.FromHex("FF6A00") };
var yellow = new Label { Text = "Yellow",BackgroundColor = Color.FromHsla(0.167, 1.0, 0.5, 1.0) };
var green  = new Label { Text = "Green", BackgroundColor = Color.FromRgb (38, 127, 0) };
var blue   = new Label { Text = "Blue",  BackgroundColor = Color.FromRgba(0, 38, 255, 255) };
var indigo = new Label { Text = "Indigo",BackgroundColor = Color.FromRgb (0, 72, 255) };
var violet = new Label { Text = "Violet",BackgroundColor = Color.FromHsla(0.82, 1, 0.25, 1) };

var transparent = new Label { Text = "Transparent",BackgroundColor = Color.Transparent };
var @default = new Label    { Text = "Default",    BackgroundColor = Color.Default };
var accent = new Label      { Text = "Accent",     BackgroundColor = Color.Accent };

These colors are shown on each platform below. Notice the final color - Accent - is a blue-ish color for iOS and Android; this value is defined by Xamarin.Forms.

Color demo


Use the Default to set (or re-set) a color value back to the platform default (understanding that this represents a different underlying color on each platform for each property).

Developers can use this value to set a Color property but should not query this instance for its component RGB values (they're all set to -1).


Set the color to clear.


On iOS and Android this instance is set to a contrasting color that is visible on the default background but is not the same as the default text color.

Additional methods

Color instances include the following additional methods:

  • AddLuminosity - returns a Color by modifying the luminosity by the supplied delta.
  • MultiplyAlpha - returns a Color by modifying the alpha, multiplying it by the supplied alpha value.
  • ToHex - returns a hexadecimal string representation of a Color.
  • WithHue - returns a Color, replacing the hue with the value supplied.
  • WithLuminosity - returns a Color, replacing the luminosity with the value supplied.
  • WithSaturation - returns a Color, replacing the saturation with the value supplied.

Implicit conversions

Implicit conversion between the Xamarin.Forms.Color and System.Drawing.Color types can be performed:

Xamarin.Forms.Color xfColor = Xamarin.Forms.Color.FromRgb(0, 72, 255);
System.Drawing.Color sdColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromArgb(38, 127, 0);

// Implicity convert from a Xamarin.Forms.Color to a System.Drawing.Color
System.Drawing.Color sdColor2 = xfColor;

// Implicitly convert from a System.Drawing.Color to a Xamarin.Forms.Color
Xamarin.Forms.Color xfColor2 = sdColor;


This code snippet uses the Device.RuntimePlatform property to selectively set the color of an ActivityIndicator:

ActivityIndicator activityIndicator = new ActivityIndicator
    Color = Device.RuntimePlatform == Device.iOS ? Color.Black : Color.Default,
    IsRunning = true

Use from XAML

Colors can also be referenced in XAML using the defined color names or the Hex representations shown here:

<Label Text="Sea color" BackgroundColor="Aqua" />
<Label Text="RGB" BackgroundColor="#00FF00" />
<Label Text="Alpha plus RGB" BackgroundColor="#CC00FF00" />
<Label Text="Tiny RGB" BackgroundColor="#0F0" />
<Label Text="Tiny Alpha plus RGB" BackgroundColor="#C0F0" />


When using XAML compilation, color names are case insensitive and therefore can be written in lowercase. For more information about XAML compilation, see XAML Compilation.