Xamarin.Forms Picker

The Picker view is a control for selecting a text item from a list of data.

The Xamarin.Forms Picker displays a short list of items, from which the user can select an item. Picker defines eight properties:

All eight properties are backed by BindableProperty objects, which means that they can be styled, and the properties can be targets of data bindings. The SelectedIndex and SelectedItem properties have a default binding mode of BindingMode.TwoWay, which means that they can be targets of data bindings in an application that uses the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture. For information about setting font properties, see Fonts.

A Picker doesn't show any data when it's first displayed. Instead, the value of its Title property is shown as a placeholder on the iOS and Android platforms:

When the Picker gains focus, its data is displayed and the user can select an item:

The Picker fires a SelectedIndexChanged event when the user selects an item. Following selection, the selected item is displayed by the Picker:

There are two techniques for populating a Picker with data: