XAML Standard (Preview) Controls


This page lists the XAML Standard controls available in the Preview, alongside their equivalent Xamarin.Forms control.

There is also a list of controls that have new property and enumeration names in XAML Standard.


Xamarin.Forms XAML Standard
Frame Border
Picker ComboBox
ActivityIndicator ProgressRing
StackLayout StackPanel
Label TextBlock
Entry TextBox
Switch ToggleSwitch
ContentView UserControl

Properties and Enumerations

Xamarin.Forms controls with updated properties Xamarin.Forms property or enum XAML Standard equivalent
Button, Entry, Label, DatePicker, Editor, SearchBar, TimePicker TextColor Foreground
VisualElement BackgroundColor Background *
Picker, Button BorderColor, OutlineColor BorderBrush
Button BorderWidth BorderThickness
ProgressBar Progress Value
Button, Entry, Label, Editor, SearchBar, Span, Font FontAttributesBold, Italic, None FontStyleItalic, Normal
Button, Entry, Label, Editor, SearchBar, Span, Font FontAttributes FontWeights *Bold, Normal
InputView KeyboardDefault, Url, Number, Telephone, Text, Chat, Email InputScopeNameValue *Default, Url, Number, TelephoneNumber, Text, Chat, EmailNameOrAddress
StackPanel StackOrientation Orientation *


Items marked with * are incomplete in the current preview