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The information in this topic applies to the public preview release of live events supported by Yammer, Teams, and Stream.

Yammer is where communities thrive - a community centered around leaders engaging with their employees, a community of common interest, a community of people who share an identity, or a community of learning and shared practices. To bring the members of a community together centered around an event, Yammer group admins can host a live video event using Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Stream. Each live event includes Yammer conversations before, during, and after the event.

Due to the open nature of Yammer conversations, Yammer is a particularly well-suited to foster connection and engagement between leaders and employees at every level in your organization. Hosting your next live event in your Leadership Connection community is a great way for leadership teams to drive alignment of your people around shared purpose and goals. Leaders realize that organizations who do this well have an advantage in attracting and retaining an engaged workforce.

You can create a public group to reach all employees, or use a private group for your live events, and only those with membership in the group can participate. Before the event, you have a place in Yammer to direct employees and/or group members to where you can show preview clips to generate buzz, announce an open call for questions in a Q&A segment, or just a place for people to chat about the upcoming event.

Following an event, it’s easy to make the recording available on the event page, allowing employees to watch the event on their own schedule. For employees who are in different time zones or unable to attend live, the conversation keeps going so they still feel connected to leaders and peers, helping to overcome geographical or organizational boundaries.

For information about what a live event in Yammer looks like, see Attend a live event in Yammer.

For steps to create a live event in Yammer, see Organize a live event in Yammer.

Live event overview

To understand how Yammer, Stream, and Teams work together in live events, see Overview of live events.

Live events can be created and viewed in Yammer, Stream, or Teams. This article explains the requirements for creating and viewing a live event in Yammer.

There are two ways live events can be produced. The requirements for using live events in Yammer depend on which video production methods you intend to use in your organization.

  • Quick start production is used for simple events when all you need is the audio and video devices connected to the PC, or when you're inviting a remote presenter for the event. Presenters use their own web cams and can share their screen as input for the event. This type of event requires use of Teams.

  • External encoder production is typically used in large scale events such as executive town halls, where a single stream from a media mixer is broadcasted to the audience. This type of event requires use of Stream.

Yammer network requirements

Requirements for live event participants

  • Everyone who participates in a Yammer live event must have an Office 365 subscription that includes licenses for Yammer, Teams, and Stream (An Office 365 Enterprise E3 or E5 subscription).

  • All participants must be members of the Yammer group in which the live event is hosted.

Permissions for creating live events in Yammer

Who can create live events is controlled by Stream and Teams settings and licenses. No permissions are controlled in Yammer settings. The requirements depend on the production methods you plan to use.

  • Quick start production: To create a quick start live event, users must have a Teams license and specific policies set in Teams. For requirements, see Who can create and schedule live events in Teams. For steps to set policies, see Set up live events policies.

  • External encoder production: To create an external encoder event, users must have a Stream license and permission to create live events. By default, only Microsoft Stream administrators can create external encoder live events. Use the Stream admin settings to give permission to specific users. For steps to grant or remove permissions in Stream, see Administration controls for live events in Stream.

Restrict creation of live events in Yammer

You can prevent creation of quick start live events, external encoder live events, or both.

  • To prevent just quick start live events, remove permissions in Teams for live event scheduling. If a user does not have a license or permission to create a live event in Teams, when they create a live event in Yammer, the quick start options are unavailable.

  • To prevent just external encorder live events, don't give permissions to any users. If a user does not have a license or permission to create a live event in Stream, when they try to create a live event in Yammer, the external encoder options are unavailable.

  • To prevent both quick start and external encoder live events, make sure Yammer users do not have permission to create live events in Stream and Teams.

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